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How do photovoltaic solar panels work?

Have you ever wondered yourself how solar panels work?

Photovoltaic solar panels have great advantages for renewable energy generation and energy savings. What are the main ones? We detail them below: 

  • Easily installed. They can be installed in any roof
  • Generate the energy in the same placement you consume it
  • Reduced visual impact
  • No noise
  • Economical Price
  • Fastly installed
  • High product accessibility 
  • High number of producers
  • Low maintenance cost
  • Easily adapted in the future
  • In most cases we don't even do big dimensions holes


But how do they work?

Solar panels generate electrical energy from photovoltaic effect. This electrical energy is generated in continuous current, through an electrical machine (inverter) is converted into alternal and is injected in the house. Before being injected, it is necessary to install some electrical protection boxes.

In the next image you can see the basic composition of an installation:

Afterwards, the electrical energy we have generated can be classified as self-consumption with compensation or without compensation.

Self-consumption with compensation allows you to discount in the electrical bill (at a lower price) the leftover energy from solar panels. The functioning map is simple, you can see how it works in the following image: 

If you live in a flat or neighbors community, we can also install solar energy for all the flats, or the ones who are interested. It is called shared self-consumption:


In this other section of our website, there is more information about solar panels and how they work!

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