The SOLARCAT strategy

The SOLARCAT strategy - solar energy will become the central pilar of the energy transition in Catalonia: reach a new energy model and reach 100% renewable energy by 2050


SOLARCAT strategy will prepare Catalonia for the caption and storage of electrical solar energy, the XXI century energy. SOLARCAT trategy is based on Generalitat de Catalunya capacity to act as an active consumer and with capacity to influence the market, and at the same time as an example of compromise with a clean, renewable, native, participative and distributed energetical model .

This way, Catalunya opts to an alternative model to the existent in the spanish market. This strategy implies to destine 5 millon euros to develop the distributed storage program, that must ensure the possibility for Catalonia citizens to generate, store, share and sell (whenever that last one is aproved) the energy, beneficiating from the main energetical resource in Cataluña: the sun. This will also promote several economical incentive lines to install more than 1.000 batteries to store aproximately a 3 MW capacity.




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Watts at Home


Watts at Home


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